Shook Bop steps up to help indie authors!

I've spent this morning launching Shook Bop... on online bookshop for indie authors. Not the best time to be launching, maybe? Maybe it is!

What I do know is that these are the sorts of things that CAN be done during times like these and so, they SHOULD be done.

If any indie authors out there have print-ready manuscripts (or as close to print-ready as possible) and would like them published without cost to them, Stour Valley Publishing can take them on and set up a pre-order campaign on Shook Bop to help you fund your first print run, and possibly all future print runs!

Royalties will be paid and requirements are very fair and very reasonable.

Drop me a message if you would like more information or references from current authors on the platform.

Big love.


Shook Bop

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