ShookBop is levelling up... and the world is gonna benefit

books project re=leave update

It is one thing when you can support your own indie publishing house with a book shop like ShookBop... but imagine supporting every single indie author and indie publisher out there too! 

Well, now we can.  As well as being able to order from major publishers and the big names etc, we can now order many self-published and indie published titles that we just couldn't reach before. 

What's also interesting, and is something we are gonna explore much more deeply, is that we can get scientific and research papers, too.  So we can help with studies, and aid learning about all subjects and I have a strong passion for the natural world, so once I've worked it out, I'm going to make a selection of some of the best field guides and natural history titles so that you can immerse yourself in the natural world. Any surplus funds we generate from sales of our books at the ShookBop will be going into our landscape renaturalising project...  Project re=leave.  Its not a charity, yet.  It's not making stuff happen yet.  But we are planning some wonderful events to help grow the pot. You can join the FB group Nature at the Heart of Wellbeing to keep up to date. 

Meantime...  if there's a book you want...  please hit us up.  We will get it for you. 

Have a beautiful weekend. 

Big Love. X



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