What is ShookBop?

What even IS ShookBop?

Simply, it's a bookshop.

ShookBop the bookshop

The kind of bookshop that isn't like most bookshops. You see... we're here for the indies.

For the indie readers. For the folk who love to champion the underdog.

For people like you, and people like me.

ShookBop is for anyone who has a book to sell.

ShookBop is about love of words and pages. ShookBop isn't precious, it's accessible.

ShookBop is for the perfectionist, and the anti-perfectionist. For the meticulous, and the scruffster.

ShookBop is for the reader who struggles to read. For the kids who like fart noises no matter what their age.

ShookBop is online. ShookBop is for the author who doesn't know where to turn. For the reader who has seen it all before. For the child who wants to stroke a bumblebee.

ShookBop is all around you. You just don't know it yet.

Come to the ShookBop and join us as our family of authors and illustrators earn their wings, and spread them far and wide.

ShookBop the bookshop

For you and me, and everyone in between.

Come to the ShookBop.

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  • Jennifer Xavier on

    Glad iv found you!

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