My darling girl, by Henny Flynn
My darling girl, by Henny Flynn
My darling girl, by Henny Flynn
My darling girl, by Henny Flynn
My darling girl, by Henny Flynn
My darling girl, by Henny Flynn
My darling girl, by Henny Flynn
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My darling girl, by Henny Flynn

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My darling girl came to my attention when I was discussing a podcast interview with its author, nay, its mother, Henny Flynn.  Steeped in personal, relatable emotion and with deep, spiritual meaning, this book was begging to be brought to you all.  And so...   as Henny says below My darling girl… has become a book - published for the first time by Stour Valley Publishing and exclusively available for pre-order here at the ShookBop

Here's what Henny has to say about...    My darling girl

"I had lost myself. 

I was hiding grief and stress and I was trying to fill the gap they left with work and quick-fix distractions. It all, inevitably, caught up with me and it was through becoming ill that I finally found myself again.

There followed a time of immense personal change. It wasn’t easy and there were many moments when it felt like an impossible task. I had tried before… The difference this time was I opened up to receiving support - including from my own inner voice.

And the result was a series of love letters.

Each one arrived on the pages of my journal just when I needed it most.

While I knew the words were there to support me, I had a sense they were written to all the girls and women we have ever been. So I shared them with others. And was touched to find they resonated with them too.

And so, here we are. That very first letter has become a book.

These are reflections on our deepest thoughts; our hopes and our fears. On how it is to change, to want something, to want to move on from something. They’re an exploration of how it is to connect with our self… to learn to love our self just as we truly are - perfect in our imperfections.

I have come to understand that we all hold our own wisdom; that no-one else has our answers. I’ve also come to understand that we hear and see what we most need in the moment we need it most.

Throughout my life there have been books that have sustained me.

And I hope these words bring something of that sustenance for you, and for the darling girls in your life, too."


“This spoke right to my heart.” 


“I read this as my mother’s voice speaking to me. And now quietly sniffling in the loo at the office. But in a good open hearted way.”

“I can’t tell you how much this has moved me.” 

“Love your 'My darling girls'... yes book please!! I need to give one to my daughter! And keep one for me!!”

“I want to keep reading them and share them with my girls too.” 

“Each letter is poignant, honest and relatable.”

“This is a keeper - for all those times when we question ourselves, our whole being, our worthiness, our validity, our space on this planet! It’s a keeper, so eloquently read in a few words.”

ALSO JUST PUBLISHED! THE HEART OF CHANGE - self-awareness with self-compassion. "This amazing book gently led me through its chapters and exercises, clarifying a more positive path for me looking ahead."


Author: Henny Flynn 

Photography: Various images throughout

Size: 105mm x 180mm x 12mm

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 96pp plus cover

Age range: Written with mature readers in mind - but could strike a chord with young adults.

ISBN: 9781913450304


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