SIGNED COPIES!! Antarctic Atlas by Peter Fretwell
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SIGNED COPIES!! Antarctic Atlas by Peter Fretwell

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I have followed the progress of this book being produced by my friend Peter over the past two or three years and it is a book with which I have a very close affinity.  I am so pleased that he managed to get the support of a publisher to make this book a reality - the work he put into it with his wife Lisa has been astonishing.  Having had the opportunity to review the book now, I am perfectly at ease with promoting it in the ShookBop. It is BEAUTIFUL, and so incredibly rich in detail and intrigue.  Well done, Pete and Lisa!

Carl Mynott

ShookBop Founder



One of the least-known places on the planet, the only continent on earth with no indigenous population, Antarctica is a world apart. From a leading cartographer with the British Antarctic Survey, this new collection of maps and data reveals Antarctica as we have never seen it before.

This is not just a book of traditional maps. It measures everything from the thickness of ice beneath our feet to the direction of ice flows. It maps volcanic lakes, mountain ranges the size of the Alps and gorges longer than the Grand Canyon, all hidden beneath the ice. It shows us how air bubbles trapped in ice tell us what the earth's atmosphere was like 750,000 years ago, proving the effects of greenhouse gases. Colonies of emperor penguins abound around the coastline, and the journeys of individual seals around the continent and down to the sea bed in search of food have been intricately tracked and mapped. Twenty-nine nations have research stations in Antarctica and their unique architecture is laid out here, along with the challenges of surviving in Antarctica's unforgiving environment.

Antarctica is also the frontier of our fight against climate change. If its ice melts, it will swamp almost every coastal city in the world. Antarctic Atlas illustrates the harsh beauty and magic of this mysterious continent, and shows how, far from being abstract, it has direct relevance to us all.

A little about Peter...

Peter Fretwell is an award-winning cartographer and leading scientist at the British Antarctic Survey. He pioneered the use of satellite imagery to find and monitor polar wildlife, a project that has led to him discovering almost half of the world's emperor penguin colonies. He is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and has completed four field seasons in Antarctica. He lives near Cambridge with his wife and family.

Author: Dr Peter Fretwell 

Photography: Rich in diagrams, maps, illustrations and photographs

Size: 245mm x 305mm x 23mm

Format: Hardcover

Pages: Estimated at 208pp plus cover

Age range: Will appeal to some older children and young adults.  

ISBN: 9781846149337

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