Professor von Schmell and the Garden Poocano
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Professor von Schmell and the Garden Poocano

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Could this book be EVEN SMELLIER than Professor von Schmell and his Fart Powered Bike?

We are EXTREMELY PROUD to bring you...

Professor von Schmell and the Garden PooCano!!!

"Once a year...

In the town of Mud-Lup,

there runs a contest

called the ‘Great Garden Cup."

And our Professor and Parrot (whose name we STILL can't tell) are as competitive as ever in this vulgar, rotten tale of festering creation and stinky salvation!  How on earth will this story end?!

Leon Howlett proved himself with his debut title, and Professor von Schmell and the Garden PooCano is sure to catapult him and the incredible illustrator, James Gibson (who also authored 'The Bee Like Me') into the farts (sorry... HEARTS) and minds of every single child who picks up this stench-ridden book.  It's AWFUL-ly brilliant!!!

Author: Leon Howlett

Illustrator: James Gibson

Publication Date: 1st December 2021 (Estimated)

Size: 210mm x 210mm

Pages: 48pp plus cover

Age range: 4-9...   and YOU are gonna love it too!!

ISBN: 978-1-913450-41-0

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