Busy Buzzy Bee by Stacy Bax
Busy Buzzy Bee by Stacy Bax
Busy Buzzy Bee by Stacy Bax
Busy Buzzy Bee by Stacy Bax
Stour Valley Publishing

Busy Buzzy Bee by Stacy Bax

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Come and join the little Busy Bees on their BIG adventures!

A rhyming story to teach children about the humble life of a Bee and their vital contribution to our planet.

 “Through Stacy’s brilliant use of verse and storytelling, the industriousness of a spider is shown, giving insight into how children can see creatures in a new light, and start to think of helping and protecting all animals”  

                                                                              Nathan Dylan Goodwin (Author)

Inspiration for the story

Stacy has a passion for the natural world and wildlife, above all an innate appreciation for the work, life and dedication to this planet by the humble Bee. Busy Buzzy Bee developed in combining a story to share the importance of bees from a child’s perspective. This was achieved through painting the episodes in a bee’s life, thus creating a natural narrative for their contribution to the planet.


Author: Stacy Bax

lllustrators: Stacy, Anske, & Elodie Bax

Size: 210mm x 210mm

Pages: 40pp plus cover

Type: Paperback

Age range: 2-7

ISBN: 9781913450076




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