The Voyage of the Queen Bee by Tim Gardiner
British Wildlife Tales

The Voyage of the Queen Bee by Tim Gardiner

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The illustrated stories in the Insect Adventures Series are designed to appeal to children aged 5-8 who are able to read alone or they can be read by parents at bedtime. The stories are split into easy to read chapters and introduce children to the lives of insects and the adaptations they use in the wild to survive. The second book in the series, The Pin Mill Pirates (52 pages), follows The Voyage of the Queen Bee (66 pages) published in 2016 by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Both books are superbly illustrated by Carl Mynott of British Wildlife Tales and written by professional ecologist and poet Tim Gardiner. A donation from the sale of each book goes to support the vital work of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. 

In the Queen Bee, Blossom starts out on an adventure to find Hay Rattle flowers after the local meadow was destroyed. During the quest Blossom met Captain Cricket and they sailed the Spartina Sea in search of the flowers. Meeting the Crab King, they learned that his oyster treasure had been stolen. Their search for the Hay Rattle flowers led them to Pin Mill where a new adventure began to recover the magical Pacific Oyster.

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