Bea Mindful by Sarah Mowday
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Bea Mindful by Sarah Mowday

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"Bea is a girl not like any other...and she wants to get to know herself a little bit more..." Bea's mind is a busy one and full of thoughts and she wants to learn how to calm her mind so she can get to know who she really is. Bea discovers mindfulness and starts to practise some techniques to help her achieve her goals; she discovers meditation and starts to notice the positive changes it has on her life.  This is the first book of Bea's mindfulness journey and invites children to get to know Bea and join her on her journey of self discovery; whilst learning some really helpful mindfulness tips along the way!
This book is written for all children who aren't quite sure who they are meant to be, who have anxious thoughts, busy minds and who may not be happy with who they are. This book encourages them to be themselves and to look in the mirror and be happy with who they see!
This story is a rhyming book which is written to entertain a broad age range; the pictures and rhyming words along with some humour are aimed at younger children, whereas the questions Bea asks herself can really help older children to consider their own thoughts and feelings and relate to how Bea is feeling.
It is a lovely introduction to mindfulness for children and for those children wanting to learn how mindfulness and meditation can help their mental health and daily lives, they can learn some helpful ideas and activities by reading what Bea gets up to! For the more observant children out there...can you spot the buzzy bee on each page...?
Enjoy getting to know Bea and also Being you!
  • Illustrated by:  Kris Lillyman
  • Format:  Paperback / softback
  • 28 pages
  • Publisher:  Independently Published
  • Imprint:  Independently Published
  • ISBN:  9798489720908
  • Published:  4 Oct 2021
  • Classifications:
    • General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
  • Readership:  Children / Juvenile
  • Weight: 100g
  • Dimensions:  254 x 203 (mm)
  • Firm Sale:  Yes

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