School's Out Short Story Competition 2020

Welcome to the School's Out Short Story Competition 2020

in partnership with:

Stour Valley Publishing 

Shook Bop

Haverhill Library

This is a story writing competition for children and adults and was devised to help adults with children, including schoolteachers and children's groups to foster creativity, imagination, community and love during the Covid-19 School Closures and lockdowns of 2020.

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Everyone is welcome to join this competition, young or... well, less young.

Competition Closes 31st July 2020

The prize will be to feature in a single book containing the winning stories - minimum of two from each age category (10 prizes minimum)

Each winner will receive a copy of the book.

There are 4 youth age groups and 1 adult age group.
- Ages 4-7
- Ages 8-10
- Ages 11-13
- Ages 14-16
- 17+ (no upper age limit) - this category really must write for children between 0 & 16, though.

Any genre is welcome

Stories or works of poetry (including short collections) are welcome

Entries between 500 and 600 words are required. This can be a total across a single collection of poems if you wish.

Maximum of one entry per person, please.
You can include 1 optional illustration with your entry.

No sweary words or impropriety, please.

Inclusion of light misadventure is encouraged!

English language submission only please - I am good, but I am not that good.

Word documents, RTF, ODF/ODT, TXT file formats
Line spacing set to double-spaced
Font set to 18 and no smaller, please.
Illustrations in JPG or PNG please

Any profit received after cost of production and distribution will be donated to St Nicholas Hospice.

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