ShookBop: Stoked to support Lords of the Swords (INDOORS) 2020

Lords of the Swords was born out of a lack of a skateboarding facility in Chelmsford, and out of a skate scene that was on the verge of disappearing.

It was 2010 and AJ, Luke, Martin, Daz and Macy were active in a committee to get a new skate facility built in Chelmsford. They were focussing on demonstrating to the local authority that everyone had to travel in order to have a good skate.

AJ came up with the idea of doing a mini King of the Road (KOTR) Thrasher-style competition and he set about designing some challenges for skaters to attempt and the remnant of the community assembled into four teams. 

The weekend they chose was dreadful, it poured with rain but there was no turning back.  The teams all met up at the White Bar car park behind the viaducts in Chelmsford and waited for AJ to show up with the challenge sheet....


In spite of the awful conditions, the competition that year was such a success that the guys decided to hold another one that was both bigger and better.  They invited all of their friends from across Essex and they named it The Lords of the Swords - tipping the hat to the three sabres on Essex County crest.  

Visit Lords of the Swords... and sign up for this year's unique LOCKDOWN event!