Stick-it Brit by Jenny Neal
Stick-it Brit by Jenny Neal
Stick-it Brit by Jenny Neal
Stick-it Brit by Jenny Neal
Stick-it Brit by Jenny Neal
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Stick-it Brit by Jenny Neal

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'We have been inspired by “Stick-it-Brit” by Jenny Neal. After giggling our way through the story, we now use post it notes and scrap paper to help us learn spellings, number facts and times tables. We made number lines and my son suggested we put the numbers on the stairs so that we can count on and back as we go up and down them. The post it notes can be left around the house as an invitation to play and practise without having to nag.'

'The book explores a way of supporting children’s memory, but if you’re anything like me you could probably do with discovering it too! Now where did I put those sticky notes???'

'This book is lots of fun. It’s bright, colourful and engaging. I love the way that it encourages children to think outside of the box and to use their imagination to assist them with learning.'

'Stick it Brit is a great little book for our little ones who are going through the difficulties of learning to spell our sometimes difficult language. it does this with rhyme, lovely pictures and a good teaching technique that kiddies will find fun. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. it gets a full 5 stars from me.'

'If you have a KS1 child who is getting to grips with spellings and phonics then this fun story will inspire them to keep practising until those tricky words stick (I may need to stock up on sticky notes now!)'


Britney Bright is a clever young lady.  She really loves to learn. 

There's just one thing that she really REALLY finds tough - and THAT IS SPELLINGS.  She just can't remember them.  

Can you guess where she finds the solution to her spelling worries?  I bet you can.  

Stick-it Brit uses sticky notes everywhere to help her remember the things she always forgets.  They've helped to take away her worries, and she really wants to tell everyone so they can use them too!

Author: Jenny Neal

Illustrator: Jenny Neal

Size: 210mm x 210mm

Pages: 40pp plus cover

Age range: 4-7

ISBN: 9781913450243

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