The Heart of Change by Henny Flynn
The Heart of Change by Henny Flynn
The Heart of Change by Henny Flynn
The Heart of Change by Henny Flynn
The Heart of Change by Henny Flynn
The Heart of Change by Henny Flynn
The Heart of Change by Henny Flynn
The Heart of Change by Henny Flynn
The Heart of Change by Henny Flynn
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The Heart of Change by Henny Flynn

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Continuing the spiritual and self-loving generosity of Henny's debut and ShookBop best-selling book My Darling Girl, The Heart of Change offers a unique and hugely beneficial series of interactive exercises to help establish a deep-seated foundation of self-compassion.

I am once again thrilled to be able to bring to you this incredible piece of work from Henny.

Carl Mynott, Founder


An invitation from Henny...

This book began as a series of retreats. Each created to explore a different aspect of change. Their inspiration comes from my experience of making deep and lasting changes across all aspects of my life – and from my observations of coaching others, supporting them in their own explorations. Through a series of interactive exercises and practical, compassionate guidance, you’ll explore five key themes:

  • Change
  • Balance
  • Resilience
  • Disruption
  • Emergence

This expansive approach helps create the bedrock of self-awareness and self-compassion that underpins how we make and manage changes across the whole of our life; at home or work, in our health, well-being or relationships, or simply in our own deepest desire to know and love ourselves. And I have always loved books you can write in. There feels something slightly illicit and rule-breaking about it, which in itself can feel freeing.

The invitation is to simply see where these exercises take you. And to trust you’ll receive what you need from the process of exploring them. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Henny x


"This amazing book gently led me through its chapters and exercises, clarifying a more positive path for me looking ahead. I found it a calm but exciting journey, looking at emotional and practical ways to align a deeper, loving understanding of myself."

"It has given me the clarity and confidence to make changes in my attitude towards myself. It has improved my self esteem, allowing me to be more kind and loving to myself and understand that this has to be the basis of positive change. From this other changes will follow... and they are!"

"I think when it comes down to it this is the crux of it, although loads of other stuff has arisen along the way. I feel like the biggest and most important thing - and what has really stayed - is a deeper understanding, love and respect for myself and all my tangle of emotions and memories. The love received through the book will help untangle the rest!!"


Author: Henny Flynn 

Photography: Various images throughout

Size: 183mm x 148mm x 8mm

Format: Softcover

Pages: 160 plus cover

Age range: Written with mature readers in mind but will also be helpful for young adults, too.

ISBN: 978-1-913450-46-5


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